Experience the true Backwaters of Southwest Florida 


Captain Joe Angius

After applying to a few select colleges, I ended up pursuing my education at Florida Gulf Coast University where I majored in Environmental Studies and Biology. My learning experience at FGCU has shaped and deeply developed my sense of conservation, preservation, and sustainability. On my fishing and eco-tours I highly encourage catch and release efforts to ensure the health of our fisheries for future generations to come.

If you're looking to land a monster redfish on a fly or enjoy what Florida has to offer through fishing and sight-seeing, I'm your captain. Let's go fishing and book your trip today!​

​- Captain Joe Angius

My name is Captain Joe Angius and there's nowhere else in the world I'd rather be than Southwest Florida. While growing up on Long Island, I never would have imagined that my passion for fishing would be challenged by the Florida backwaters and shallow flats that are home to some of the most elusive game-fish in the world. This passion for fishing quickly became an obsession when my family and I moved to New Port Richey, FL and I was introduced to a fish called snook. Snook had such an impact on my life that when it came time to decide what college to attend, instead of looking at ivy-league universities, my mind went directly to every school far enough south that was notorious for having monster snook.